Frequently asked questions

 Want to learn further about what we do? Below are a few clarifying questions and answers.
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    What exactly does StrateVast do?


    We help tech organizations understand new markets, define a clear strategy, identify core partnerships, and develop a solid plan to succeed. We also support with excellence execution.
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    Which industries do you serve?


    We focus on Public Sector and Education, Small and Medium Businesses.
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    Are there any key geographies you address?


    We have global experience and an extended network covering all main markets. Our main areas of focus initially are the Americas, including the US, LATAM and Canada.
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    What are your main areas of focus?


    We thrive on Cloud, B2B, Internet of Things IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
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    What kind of partnerships do you establish?


    We work with global technology vendors, government organizations, incubators/accelerators and and advanced marketing and sales service providers, as well as a network of independent consulting companies.
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    Who are some of your customers and partners?


    We work with small and medium organizations in the Americas, Middle East and Africa, and Japan. See more at http://www.stratevast.com/associates
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