The velocity of your business will be determined by your first customers. Choose them well!
Why not sell to anyone you can?
The right customers
Local connections are key to engage just the right customer at the right time. StrateVast has a vast network of contacts you could leverage, especially in the technology space.
Your first customers are key. Exploring a market requires the right customers to learn from. Not too big or strategic where risk is higher if you run into issues, not too small to be non representative, just the right one where you can show value, build a "beach-head" reference, win and learn.
  1. Who you know
    Starting with known customers is always better of course, since you get a chance to introduce your offering in a better way, while also obtaining good input that is valuable for your current and future business
  2. Core Alignment
    The closer to your core the better, more standard approach you'll be able to take. be careful not to drift too far away since this will not represent your future necessarily and risk of dissatisfaction and higher cost is more present
  3. Operating Ease
    How you serve your first customers is key and a core part of customer satisfaction and cost of business. Flexible customers will be better to start with
  4. Strategic Value
    You may be tempted with the larger opportunities at first, but do consider the long term strategic value and focus on those that will have the broadest impact in the long run.
  5. Size
    Larger may seem better, but beware of how big your first bite is... You don't want to embrace more than you can manage in the first stage
  6. Partnerships
    Your partners may indicate good customer fits that also align to their objectives representing a great opportunity to get incremental support and foster broader impact via joint win-win situations