Why Partner
Partnerships can bring value adding capabilities your company may not have yet. But partnerships vary depending on the type of product or service you offer, and may be more or less valuable to your business. Win-win situations enable the right structure and partnerships.

With ample experience in the tech sector across all levels and types of partnerships, we can help your company define the right partnership strategy, better understand partner interests and roadmap for alignment, and plan for how and when to engage for best impact.

Global Corporations

Distribution Partners

Global Corporations such as Microsoft and others can be great partners. Large organizations behave like many organizations within one, so knowing how to connect, who to work with and when to engage will enable the best opportunities ahead.
Traditional packaged products may benefit most from working with distributors or Distis such as Ingram Micro, TechData, or CDW, providing global, regional or local distribution.

As Software increasingly moves to the cloud, players such as Amazon (Web Services) AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform along with Tele communication providers offer public and private cloud services as distribution which can also be arranged with Telcos, Datacenters and others.

Incremental Opportunities

  1. Developers & ISVs
    Developers and Independent software vendors or ISVs can effectively enable broad customer reach by leveraging or integrating products and services into their platforms.
  2. OEMs
    OEMs or hardware providers such as ACER, Asus, HP, Toshiba, Microsoft and other local players can act as amplifiers with valuable marketing sales and distribution capabilities.
  3. Publishers
    Publishers are transforming to offer increasing volumes of digital content, systems and tools to enable user access and improve reference, search and understanding via audio, voice and animations.
  4. SIs
    System Integrators or SIs bring together hardware, software and services, enabling complete customer scenarios, especially valuable for complex solutions.
  5. Investors
    Venture Capital and other forms of investments can help share risk and accelerate beyond your company's current possibilities, connecting with additional value through market knowledge and additional contacts.
  6. Other
    Other partners may include training and certification, financial institutions, government fostering agencies, business and trade associations, and media.