Plan and prepare for success
Define the right approach from the start. We help define and refine the best strategy for your organization to address new markets, reducing time, cost and risk.
It's not just about selecting a market and then finding a few customers to start your business.
Explore and get to know your new market basics, define the right offering, pricing and service levels.
Select the right customers and partners to start, and choose your best approach to enable growth in market.
  1. Objectives
    Clearly define your objectives for driving expansion. What are your objectives and priorities, what are you looking to obtain, how would you define success.
  2. Uniqueness
    To succeed in a new market you must present value that is currently not available. What are the elements that make you company, team, product, services or approach unique and special
  3. Commitment
    How far and fast are you willing to go? Clarifying your expectations, including time and results, as well as investment budget and dedicated organization will help you succeed. Support from the top, founder, CEO, board of directors is key. And day to day focus is not to be underestimated. And as with your current business, resilience will be key.
  4. Roadmap
    Defining your products and services and designing a road map that keeps you in line with your objectives and aligned to strategic partners
  5. In/Direct
    This is a question you may ask yourself. I could start my local operation, partner or even outsource my business. Whatever approach you take, don't leave in other's hands the success and image of your business, always have a direct involvement in your future
  6. Growth
    Do you have the right support to grow, once you've proven you can be successful. Do you have an exit strategy in case you need it.